Revisiting: Stop it!

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

What I  think I like most about the Bible is that it is not a book of “Stop it!”  Now, don’t get me wrong, God gives us very clear instructions on the things that we are to stop doing; but He is also just as clear as to the things we are to start doing.  

What comes to mind today are our words.  Our words can build up – or our words can tear down.  Even the words we say to ourselves either build up – or tear down.  I think of how I use my own words.  I often speak to hastily.  I joke about not having a “brain filter” at times.  But in truth, it is that I am careless in what I let flow out of my mouth.  

“I hurt.”

“I’m sick”

“I don’t feel well”

“I’m scared.”

“I can’t because …”

“I’ll never do (____________)  again”

“It’s not fair ...”

“It’s impossible ...”

Never.  Can’t.  Impossible.  Black and white thinking at it’s finest. They are all so negative.  They may be true – but they start that familiar downward spiral into a depressive thinking style.

I look to the Bible and read Genesis where so much was accomplished by God’s word.  Then in John, we read that Jesus is “The Word.”

How much more carefully ought I to consider the words that I use?  Am I using words that tear down?  Or am I using words that build up.  I can tear others down – or build them up.  I can tear myself down, or build myself up. 

As I look to the year we are beginning, one of the things I will choose to do is use the words of my mouth to build others up, to make a conscious choice to be positive, to overlook what I might ordinarily comment on, either to that person or to someone else.  

Perhaps I ought to stop being so hard on myself, and let positive words flow.  Perhaps I out to overlook a lot of what is happening in my own body, simply accept it, and go on. 

The Bible says that “Love covers a multitude of sins.”  I pray we may know that love and that it will be reflected in our words.

Father God, as we have started a new year,  I pray that those who follow You take more and more steps to become more and more like You.  Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, who empowers us.  Thank You that  You have so clearly laid out in Your word, the ways that we can become pleasing to You, even in the midst of our pain. Amen and Amen.  So be it, Lord


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