Starting the Day Off  ... Wrongly


Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, Ephesians 5:15

I did it again.  My morning got up and running before I did, and soon I was knee deep in the clutter of the day .  Thing after thing went wrong.  By 11:00 a.m., I was frustrated, irritated, and out-of-sorts.

Sometimes it takes a lot of frustration before I stop to look at how I started my day.  

Prayer?  Nope.

Reading my Bible?  Nope.

Listening to the audio of the book of Roman's I am trying to memorize?  Nope

How about working on my devotional - the thing I like to do first thing as my mind clears?

Uh .... no.

And I wonder why my day looks like a mess and I feel like one.


Well, at least by now I can look back and recognize where things went wrong.

To be honest, I didn't build in any time for the above.

We are using a home-based charter school with our adopted kids this year, and I know it requires a lot of effort on my part. We've realized our schedule needed revising.  Why did I forget to build that extra time into that schedule?

I know I need it.

I know the day goes better.

I know that without it - something like today happens.

How I long for discipline - yet fail to make the time for that discipline to happen.  

I'm not sure that getting up earlier is the answer for me.  Mornings are hard enough as it is.  The waking up process is challenging for me.  And yes, our mornings are needing to start earlier.

But, somewhere along the line, the kid's schooling became more of a priority than my time with God.


So - back to the drawing board as I pray about the ways I can rearrange my schedule so the day starts where it needs to.  With God.

Father God, Thank you that you are all about second chances.  Thank you that you encourage us to start anew instead of giving up on us.  Thank you that you are so intimately acquainted with us that you know how best we can order our days - with you in mind.  Amen and amen.

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