Finding Peace


Feelings of peace and contentment can be hard for me to come by at times.  Today is one of those times.  Yes, it is Resurrection Sunday and there is joy in my heart - but it is a deeper joy.  One I have to look for a bit harder than usual.

Easter Sunday was always a special holiday in our family.  Egg hunts, huge family gatherings, traditional foods ... well, I guess the word tradition covers a lot of it.  Lots of children, new dresses and suits, lots of laughter and gaiety.  (Can we still use that word?)

Today is different.

No church for me.

No family gathering.

No children laughing and playing and gleefully hunting eggs in our huge, already spring-flower-laden yard.

Just ... quiet.   

An all-together too familiar quiet, as of late.

I was writing in the last few pages of my latest journal; and on the last page, I found a verse of Scripture already written down - almost as if it was waiting for me for today.  A verse I much needed.  

And so, I share my gem with you.

Now, may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance.  The Lord be with you all.  1 Thessalonians 3:16

I found myself reading and rereading it.

"the Lord of peace Himself"

"grant you peace in every circumstance."  My eyes lingered on the word "every."

As I reread it ... the word "continually" jumped out at me.

What am amazing verse.

The Lord of peace, Himself, will continually grant me peace in each and every circumstance.  And, He will be with me.


Just wow.

Not just a once-in-a-while peace - but a continual one.

Not just in specific circumstances - but in every circumstance.

What an amazing statement Paul made.

What an amazing promise to claim.

What an amazing verse to find, on the day that remembers the most amazing event in history.  In His story.

The day that gave us not only the right to peace, 

But to new life.

And so, dear readers, I pray this verse for you each of you.  I know not what situations you face today.  I only know He has promised us peace, when we look to Him.  The Lord be with you all.  

What more do we need?

Amen and amen.

Blessed be His name.

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